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Here is what we can do 🌿

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Support carbon reduction.

You can contribute by supporting projects which reduce carbon emissions with reforestation or renewable energy.

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Drive less or look for alternatives.

We should critically ask ourselves for alternatives: Could we take the train, bus or subway? Or to take the bike? We could save time, money, the planet and work on our fitness. Or use the time for other actives.

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Smaller / efficient vehicles.

Drive a small and efficient car and go electric lowers the footprint, especially over a longer period.

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Driver smarter.

Your driving style matters a lot. if possible drive slower, accelerate gently, avoid unnecessary breaks (saves ~20%), keep windows down (~2%) or keep the tire pressure high (~1%).

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Share a ride.

Not only do you half your emissions by taking another person, you might also have nice company or make a new connection. 👨‍👩‍👧

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Try to plan ahead of time.

By planning your trips ahead of time it will give you the chance to be less cost driven and pick options that drive less carbon emissions like train, shared driving or renting a bike.

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Join a car sharing group.

Having a route that you frequently need to drive? For example your work commute? A very effective way is to share it with colleagues or people working close by - you can reduce your impact by 50% or more.

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Plan a local vacation.

Avoiding a flight is a big deal. Sometimes we forget what you can discover and experience just some hour away from your home. Consider and reflect if a local vacation would be sufficient for you. You will certainly spent less time moving and more time enjoying.

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30-days challenge.

Change takes time and small steps of success are the key. We advise a 30-day challange of a specific goal: use no to-go coffee cup, drive less, use the bike, avoid meat or shop package-free food. Invite a friend or your family for further motivation.