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Support carbon reduction.

You can contribute by supporting projects which reduce carbon emissions with reforestation or renewable energy.

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Unsubscribe spam mails.

Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists. Data centres are extremely polluting. They consume huge amounts of electricity 24/7 and require robust A/C systems to keep all these servers at the right temperature without overheating.

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Delete old emails.

Filter your emails and delete old ones. Storing unnecessary emails for years its an incredible waste of energy. Collectivity we could drive an incredible impact globally if we would all delete old emails. Its a tremendous emission driver.

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Clean up your cloud drive.

We all store a lot of files in the cloud that are not needed anymore. Storing them on the servers actually drives a lot of emissions since the data centres drive a lot of emissions - so clean it up.

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Choose online bills.

Go paperless: When you get bills via post unsubscribes to the physical post and set your settings for just "digital". Even better than email would be just App Notification. More and more services allows this.

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Eco-friendly office material.

Nowadays there are many great eco-friendly office tools. If you look for Geometry tools there are great ones made from Bamboo, notebooks that are made from 100% recycled paper and pencils made from recycled material as well as FSC certified.

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Green energy.

You can use desktop research to compare energy providers in your region. Often times there are more green alternatives available for not more money. It's a single action with incredible impact in the long-run.