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Support carbon reduction.

You can contribute by supporting projects which reduce carbon emissions with reforestation or renewable energy.

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Try to plan ahead of time.

By planning your trips ahead of time it will give you the chance to be less cost driven and pick options that drive less carbon emissions like train, shared driving or renting a bike.

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Avoid flying.

Flying less is one of the most impactful ways to reduce our footprint. Is there also a possibility to take the train? In a business context, would it also be sufficient to do a video call? Avoiding one flight alone is a big deal for the environment.

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Pick economy class.

Economy class seats take less space which can be used for other passengers or smaller planes. Your footprint is around 1/3 compared to flying first class. Save money and planet at once.

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Avoid stop overs.

Starting and landing phase require large amounts or jet fuel. Avoiding stop overs has a huge impact on lowering your emissions.

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Compensate your emissions.

Compensate your emissions by planting trees and supporting renewable projects around the world as an indirect way to make an impact.

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No plastic-wraps on suitcases.

In order to not increase the emissions and environmental impact of flying even more try to avoid unnecessary plastic waste by not plastic-wrapping your suitcase but rather reusable covers or non at all.

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Bring your own water bottle.

Instead of having to buy expensive plastic water bottles after the security gate consider to bring your own empty and refillable bottle. You can have it refilled wit tab water at bars, water fountains or ask the crew during the flight.

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Travel paperless.

Most airlines and mobility providers offer a dedicated app and digital Wallet integrations for your tickets - so you can travel paperless via plane, train, bus and more. You will also safe time!

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Pause hotel room cleaning.

Leave the hotel room with "Do not disturb" sign: Reflect if you really need new towels, new sheets, new shampoo bottles, new earbuds and other hotel goodies. Taking a break from these or even avoiding some of the waste is a great contribution.

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Plan a local vacation.

Avoiding a flight is a big deal. Sometimes we forget what you can discover and experience just some hour away from your home. Consider and reflect if a local vacation would be sufficient for you. You will certainly spent less time moving and more time enjoying.

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Avoid travel size toiletries

Don’t buy travel size toiletries since they are a huge plastic waste. Refill and reuse your own travel size containers instead of buying new ones.